The real evidence of the harm of GMO food

Finally, there is scientific, understandable evidence of the negative effects of genetically modified (GMO) food crops. Scientists, farmers and informed consumers are speaking up in Jeffrey Smith’s new documentary Genetic Roulette. Smith is the founder of Seventh Generation, the well-respected laundry product company.

See this eye-opening film. Learn how scientists of the FDA itself deemed GMO’s as dangerous – and were ignored. Find out how farmers have lost countless animals due directly to GMO feed.

Become an educated consumer. It’s a step forward towards real and lasting health.


2 Responses

  1. This information is all well and good. It’s what we can do about it that bothers me! It seems we can’t do anything against these big Companies that are killing us.

    • Not true, I think, Janice. I think if more people speak up AND refuse to buy many of the products made from these, it will speak quite loudly as to what consumers really want / demand. Dollars spent speaks volumes to companies.

      And never forget the power of one voice. Throughout history, one person speaking up has sparked movements that changed things, often dramatically.

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