Licenders – a natural treatment that works

Head lice are a parasite that effects 12 million kids each year

The word lice strikes fear in the hearts of even the most fearless parent, conjuring up worries of disease and social stigma.

September was National Head Lice Awareness / Prevention Month. With kids so recently back to school, it’s time to examine the facts and effective treatments for this troubling issue. 

Lice aren’t a disease. They’re a parasite affecting over 12 million children each year, mainly kids ages 3 through 11. Lice don’t fly or jump – they crawl. They most frequently occur during summertime, in warm weather. Because kids play closely together, it’s easy for lice to spread – in playgroups, at schools, summer camps, hair salons, slumber parties, clubs, and at playgrounds.  Lice crawl from head to head, seeking a blood meal. 

And kids bring it with them to school.

If schools don’t have a screening for lice the first day, half the school could have it by October, says Adie Horowitz, President of Licenders, a New York-based company that provides screenings, lice treatment and prevention products throughout the New York tri-state area. 

Licenders provides first school day lice screenings to catch this pest and prevent it from becoming a school epidemic.

If schools don’t screen for lice the first day, half the school could have it by October, says Horowitz.

Horowitz says you want to “get it out before it has a chance to spread.”

But parents are horrified at the idea that their kids have lice, she said. And they’re afraid to even look! 

“Looking doesn’t create it,” she said.  

If you look, checking your child every two weeks, you can catch it early, said Horowitz. 

Lice don’t embed like bed bugs, she said. They crawl. 

”Pretend it’s an ant, then it won’t be so hard,” said Horowitz. 

If you do find lice, Licenders has products that can help. 

Licender products are all natural,  non-toxic and don’t contain harsh chemicals like many over-the-counter products do. Their shampoo uses a special enzyme known as protease to eliminate the lice. Lice can’t develop a resistance to this natural enzyme since they rely on it to exist. 

Their products also include citronella oil, an essential oil taken from leaves of lemongrass. A well-known plant-based insect repellent, citronella has been registered for this use in the United States since 1948.

There aren’t any pesticides that actually kill the eggs or nits, said Horowitz. Yet the popular chemical shampoos for lice treatment and prevention contain pesticides and are designed to go into the nervous system of the bug.

And you’ve been applying them to your child’s head!

Licender products are all natural, non-toxic and don’t contain harsh chemicals like many over-the-counter products do.And you’re applying them to your child’s head!

The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) cautions parents against using any chemicals designed to kill or destroy head lice in any individuals who have a pre-existing illness. This includes, but isn’t limited to, those with asthma, epilepsy, brain tumors, cancer or AIDS. Those on medication, or who’ve previously been treated for head lice, as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, may be more vulnerable to side effects. They should avoid using chemical lice treatments on themselves or applying them to others.

It’s better to just remove lice, Horowitz said. Lice are immune to shampoos and the more you try to kill them, the more they resist. 

You just have to take it out,” said Horowitz, “and don’t be afraid of it.”

First, spray on the Liceneder shampoo; then comb it through with a long fine tooth lice comb. Dip your comb into their combing solution, which loosens things all the “glue”. Then use Horowitz’s “secret” ingredient – baking soda!

Periodically dip your comb in the baking soda. That tightens up the comb and gets out all the nits. And the bug gets stuck in the comb, especially with the baking soda. 

To learn how to remove lice or nits, Licenders has an easy-to-follow “how to” video demonstrating this on their website.

And remember that this is a process, Horowitz advised.

Check regularly for new nits. Or, if you can find somebody reliable to screen and check your child’s head, said Horowitz, “it’s so much better than not dealing with it!” 

The LouseBuster uses controlled, heated air to dry up lice and nits.

Licenders also offers a unique heat treatment for killing lice – the LouseBuster™. an FDA-approved device created by Larada Sciences.It uses controlled, heated air to dry up lice and nits. 

“It really works and we recommend it highly,” said Horowitz.

Licenders is currently expanding and is seeking interested partners across the country. They sell products and their services and parents can walk in without appointments for screenings.

For more information on Liceenders and its products, visit

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