Synthetic additives could be included in “organic” baby food

It’s time to speak up about organic food labels before the NOSB dilutes them even more

According to an article by the Alliance for Natural Health, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) – the division of the USDA that’s responsible for regulating all organic crops and determining what can be called “Certified Organic” -will meet next week to decide several key issues:

  • whether to allow eight synthetic substances in organic baby food, primarily in organic infant formula and
  • whether to allow genetically engineered vaccines for organic livestock.

Consumers would be stunned to discover that the reality of “organic” isn’t all we’re led to believe it is.

The New York Times reports that there are already more than 250 nonorganic substances that have been added to the list of allowed substances in organic foods, up from 77 in 2002. Given that a large percentage of “organic” brands are actually owned by so-called “Big Food” companies, some of which are represented by members on the NOSB board, this begins to make sense.

Isn’t it time to speak up for having organic really mean organic? Just as California voters will shortly be asked to speak up with their votes to have mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients (Proposition 37), consumers can now speak up by writing to the National Organic Standards Board and asking them to prohibit adding synthetic substances in organic baby food – especially synthetic substances that are used as preservatives and have no nutritional value. Food products touted as healthy should be just that – shouldn’t they?

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