Plan for the holidays with Dionisio Winery’s preservative-free wines

It’s never too early to plan for holiday get-togethers. If good wine is a key part of your holiday fare, the top quality wines from Dionisio Winery will help make your holiday events a hit.

During a recent stay to Texas, I learned about a lovely, intimate wine bar near downtown Houston. After arranging to have a wine tasting. I arrived and was greeted by Jimmy Aranda, the winery’s owner. The wine bar’s simple but elegant décor gave it a comfortable feel, with Aranda as the ever-gracious host.

Open since January, this charming winery is rapidly becoming a “go to” wine bar and the home of bold, flavorful, award-winning, wines.

Aranda began making wine four years ago in his garage. After some urging, he sold his first bottle of wine for $10. Today his wines run from $30 to $150 a bottle.

Made from top quality California grapes, Aranda produces a wide range of wines – reds, whites, fruit wines and dessert wines. I shamelessly sampled almost every one he had available.

Dionisio wines are made with premier California grapes, without preservatives

Aranda’s Dionisio winery is small but prolific. With his wines increasingly being featured at wine festivals, his wine won 1st place in Fruit Wine and 1st place in the Blush category at the Old Town Spring Wine Festival. And his was among the limited number of wines invited to the Fredricksburg (Texas) wine festival.

What makes Dionisio wine so special? For one, Aranda triple filters his wines – something unusual in the wine industry. Also, Dionisio wines have no preservatives.  That offers two distinct elements. One is that Dionisio wines will only last two years once bottled.

“It’s meant to be drunk now,” said Aranda.

Also, no preservatives means no next day headache-hangover!

Aranda handles everything himself – from the wine making to hand bottling to corking each bottle. He even hand labels each one, though he’ll sometimes have help from friends and family members for large orders or events. He’s even Dionisio’s graphic designer.

A stickler for quality and safety, Aranda tracks every bottle. If there’s a problem, depending on the cause, he’ll either offer an exchange or provide you a discount on another bottle. Ever a gracious, customer service kind of guy, if something’s ‘not right’, he’ll try to take care of it.

Dionisio Winery features over 20 delicious top quality wines, but order ahead to ensure you get what you want

Dionisio winery’s variety of wines run the taste spectrum from fun to surprising to elegant. Some of my favorites include his popular fruity Peach Chardonnay, Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc, his Red Stiletto (a not-too sweet watermelon wine), the delicious Merlot,  his very Strawberry White Merlot and his Pinot Noir. Then there’s his amazing Dionisio Rita – a yummy wine that will fool you into thinking you’re drinking an authentic Margarita! Add some ice and salt and you’d never know the difference!

Two other Dionisio wines stand out. The Clarice (named for Aranda’s wife) is a delicious port wine. The Pinot Noir Reserve, at $150 a bottle, comes in a custom made frosted bottle that includes real Swarovski crystals. Aranda only produced 50 bottles of this exquisite wine this year.

Even with around twenty-one different wines, don’t expect Dionisio Winery to have everything in stock when you want it. Even with upgrading his equipment this year, Aranda says ordering ahead is crucial to get your newest favorite in time for your special occasion. At any given time, he’ll be out of certain wines, so check ahead and special order.

“We do quality, not quantity wine,” he said.

To learn more or to place an order, contact Dionisio Winery at

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