Make the holidays scrumptious with Bliss Candy’s toffees

Like all their products, Bliss Candy Company’s Almond Toffee has no preservatives

Things that are “delectable” play a crucial role in creating wonderful holiday memories. And nothing helps do this like the exquisite toffees and confections from Bliss Candy Company.

After years spent perfecting a recipe handed down from her mother. Houston-area based husband and wife team Cynthia and Sam Timpa launched Bliss in 2006. This scrumptious tasting confection is made with four main ingredients: butter, almonds (or pecans), sugar and chocolate. It contains no artificial flavors and no preservatives.

It’s “simply Blissious,” the Timpas say, “a taste explosion going on in your mouth.”

Cynthia Timpa told me that even the most skeptical, macho guy tasted their toffee and told them how amazing and delicious it was.

And, after happily sampling all of their delicious products, I definitely agree!

Bliss makes three types of toffee and two types of “Bliss Bark”.

Bliss’s White Mocha Toffee is a perfect balance of simple ingredients and it melts in your mouth

Their Bliss Almond Toffee – their original product – is made with whole almonds, topped with rich milk chocolate and layered with chopped almonds. Being a toffee lover, I soon realized that it was far and above any other rich-tasting toffee I’d had before. It literally melted in my mouth!

Following the original recipe, Bliss Pecan Toffee has orange zest added to the warm chocolate before chilling it. This gives it a faint fruity touch.

Bliss’s newest variety is my favorite – their White Mocha Toffee. With an over layer of white chocolate, the toffee flavor overpowers the coffee taste. It’s made with butter, sugar almonds, coffee, white chocolate and powdered dark chocolate. I savored small pieces at a time to make this last longer!

Their “Bliss Bark” is a yummy confection that you can enjoy as is or get creative with.

The Lemon Bliss is made with lemon drops, along with white chocolate and lemon zest. It rivaled my Mom’s amazing lemon bars – which says a lot! One Texas bartender who fell in love with these got creative, crushed the Bliss Bark, then used it to create Lemon Bliss Margaritas. Who could resist those!

Their Lemon Bliss is tart, sweet and scrumptiously good!

Produced especially for the holidays, the Peppermint Bliss Bark is made with rich, dark chocolate, delicate white chocolate and a combination of peppermint flavorings and embellishments. The Timpas start making this in late Fall, in time for the holidays, and continue through to Valentine’s Day. If you like it, you’ll want to stock up and hide some in your freezer. Then you can enjoy it during the hot summer months.

All of Bliss Candy Company’s products come in affordable, convenient sizes:

  • the 1 pound package                                  $19.99
  • their 2.5 pound “Batch”                            $39.99

They also sell Toffee Crumbs, in a one-pound size for $ 5.49. This is a mixture of all their flavors. It’s perfect for topping ice cream. It comes in cellophane and ribbon packaging that’s just right for gift-giving.

Bliss also sells 5-pound bulk bags of their toffees and both of their Bliss Barks.

Peppermint Bliss is only made during the winter, so be sure to stock up for the summer!

If you’re looking to surprise and delight your holiday guests – or just enjoy something special – you’ll want to lay in a supply of this “bit of heaven”. Once your guests taste them, Bliss toffees and Bark will be but a sweet memory that has you longing for more.

If you’re traveling to the Houston or Dallas area, Bliss is now being carried at select Kroger supermarkets. To order, phone 281 222-2131 (Central time zone) or email them at Be sure to let them know you heard about it here!

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