Astonishing Glass Sky Walk in China – walk with your fear!

Glass Sky Walk, China 1

For many, just the mention of heights strikes terror in their soul. Even braver folks may pause when faced with walking on the remarkable glass Skywalk over the Grand Canyon. Not to be outdone, the Glass Sky Walk, one of China’s newest tourist attractions, is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Glass Sky Walk, China 2

This 70 foot walkway, suspended over the cliff face of the Tianmen Mountain, is made of 2.5 inch crystal-clear glass. It gives brave tourists a magnificent view from 4,700 feet above sea level. To protect the walkway’s glass and keep the glass path clean, tourists are asked to put shoe covers on before beginning their breath-taking walk.

After looking at these pictures and the video, you have to wonder: would you have the courage to not only walk on it but to LOOK DOWN?

Giving gifts that give to others

Giving to World Wildlife Fund supports conservation of important natural places and endangered animals

Giving to World Wildlife Fund supports conservation of important natural places and endangered animals

True giving is to give something that you’d rather keep foe yourself and/or that makes a difference. If you still have a few gifts to get, consider giving something that in some way gives to others. Here is my list of reputable ”give back” suggestions for this holiday season. Most if not all are tax-deductible and offer an array of choices.

To discover some great, last minute, affordable gifts, see the full story at

Colored plastic bags may contain lead

Colored plastic bags may have toxic chemicals in them

Colored plastic bags may have toxic chemicals in them

According to recent tests conducted by the Vermont-based nonprofit Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse, bright solid-colored plastic bags may contain high concentrations of lead.  This industry/public interest advisory group – formed in an effort to reduce the amount of heavy metals in packaging and packaging components that are sold or distributed throughout the U.S. – screened 125 single-use shopping and mailing bags for the presence of the four regulated metals: lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium in the inks used to print or color the bags.

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World Wildlife Fund and Tropical Forest Challenge innovators

Tropical rainforest pic

Tropical rainforest, photo by Debra Atlas

World Wildlife Fund Switzerland has announced the winners of the Tropical Forest Challenge. The World Wildlife Fund helps conserve some of the world’s most important natural places – including the largest tropical rain forests and the most remote areas of our planet – as well as endangered species. The objective of the Tropical Forest Challenge is to discover the most innovative for-profit enterprises from around the world that have a positive impact on tropical forest biodiversity.

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Enjoy the deliciously green side of the holidays

BlissfulBites cookbook CoverThe holidays are synonymous with great food, fun get-togethers and even more fun gift giving. Along with favorite family recipes, here are some suggestions that can help spice up the holiday and perhaps give you some new favorites.

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CBS gets it wrong re: a new BP Gulf oil leak

MistakesEven journalists with the best intentions sometimes make mistakes. And both this writer and CBS are humbly blushing.

According to knowledgeable investigative environmental reporters Ben Raines of Alabama Local News ( and Mark Schleifstein, Environment reporter for | The Times-Picayune,  the CBS report on new oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon site is inaccurate.

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Could Deepwater Horizon be leaking again?

Gulf oil slick Oct. 2010 c

Could this scene from the 2010 Gulf oil spill be beginning again?

As macabre as it may seem, the environmental debacle of BP in the Gulf of Mexico is back in the news, and not in a good way. CBS News reports that BP is engaged on its fifth day of a subsea mission under the supervision of the Coast Guard to look for any new oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon disaster.

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