BP’s debacle laid out in new documentary

BP Gulf oil disasterJust saw a documentary produced by or for the BBC on the disastrous Gulf oil spill of 2010. This hour-long documentary features the five major attempts and failures to avert this enormous environmental disaster and the key players involved in the oil company’s eventual success.

It’s a fascinating take on what went on behind the scenes that the public never saw or knew. Definitely worth taking the time to view.

Still and all, what I was left with is one simple fact: BP was unprepared to handle any potential deepwater disaster. There was no emergency plan in place nor apparently was any such plan in the works “just in case”. And apparently the lesson of this disaster hasn’t been learned.

Gulf oil slick Oct. 2010You’d be hard pressed to find any major oil-producing company with viable contingency plans that would allow them to quell any future oil spill disaster quickly and efficiently. One has to wonder why? What will it take for them to wake up to bearing the true responsibility of what COULD happen prior to any incident?

With the opening of the Arctic looming and Shell Oil determined to drill there, we can only hope that our government will continue to press on to get the oil company to do its due diligence in this regard. That and keep our fingers crossed.

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