CBS gets it wrong re: a new BP Gulf oil leak

MistakesEven journalists with the best intentions sometimes make mistakes. And both this writer and CBS are humbly blushing.

According to knowledgeable investigative environmental reporters Ben Raines of Alabama Local News ( and Mark Schleifstein, Environment reporter for | The Times-Picayune,  the CBS report on new oil leaking from the Deepwater Horizon site is inaccurate.

Coast Guard Captain John Burton said the agency was supervising an ongoing inspection of the entire wreck site.

“We’re doing a complete survey of all the wreckage. It’s been established that the wells aren’t leaking but there may be residual oils of some type that may be trapped in the wreckage,” Burton said Thursday in an interview with “We’re just doing a complete survey since that hasn’t been done.”

BP issued a detailed response to the CBS report.

Research Vessel Falkor

Research Vessel Falkor surveying the suspected oil leak in the Gulf

Florida State University marine biologist Ian MacDonald, chief scientist for the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Research Vessel Falkor, the most likely source for the new sheen is one or more natural seeps of oil to the east of the well that are associated with a salt dome beneath the gulf bottom. Oil deposits often are found along the edges of the underground salt formations.

“We saw no indication of oil or active seepage,” he said. “Although we are seeing floating oil slicks over the MC252 site (Deepwater Horizon), it appears that their source is not associated with the well,” said MacDonald.

This writer offers her apologies for not gathering the necessary information to provide an accurate version of what has been taking place in the Gulf. And she promises to strive to be more careful with her reporting in the future.

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  1. Welcome to decades-old, Louisiana/Deep South “anti-Green” Politics!!!!

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