Genetically-engineered pork – coming to stores near you?

GMO Salmon - FDA approvedI find it horrifically fascinating that government agencies such as the USDA, tasked with protecting consumers from any serious health issues contained in our food supply, should be in favor of genetically modified food sources. Yet evidence is growing that some of our organic foods contain GE ingredients (oddly allowed by the USDA) and now that august agency has taken a further step down this potentially hazardous path.

The USDA recently announced that it would be giving $500,000 to Recombinetics, a Minnesota-based company for “TALEN-mediated chromosome targeting for monosexing and genetic containment in livestock.”  As my colleague Max Goldberg of aptly put it, this translates to mean it’s giving money for the company to help introduce genetically-engineered animals (pigs) into the food and biomedical marketplace.

We’re now faced with the real possibility that the agency will approve both GE salmon – which poses both a health issue for humans as well as a risk of human error allowing for the possibility of escape into the wild and contamination there – and now GE pork. If you haven’t seen the film Genetic Roulette, which details real life implications and effects of GE food consumption, you’re missing some important information that will allow you to be a better educated consumer.

It’s time to do what every consumer has the right to do – speak up! Click HERE to send in your complaint to the FDA about GE-salmon and GE pork. It’s important for you and your family. And i t’s easy, quick and painless.

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