Farm Dog Naturals offers safe, cruelty-free pet products

Itching dogAs the proud owner of a newly rescued dog, I’ve been gathering the necessary supplies to help keep my new buddy healthy. While searching one of my favorite green product websites, I came across Farm Dog Naturals, whose products are geared toward helping to reduce trips to the vet naturally.

Farm Dog Naturals’ top quality herbal products are vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, biodegradable and can be used in conjunction with each other or individually.

Pet odor is often an on-going problem with dog owners. Farm Dog’s Relief Urine and Eco-Cleaner eliminates pet urine and odor. It’s also an all-purpose spray and wipe cleaner. Company co-owner Ruth Hogan says it works equally well to clean wood floors, furniture, countertops and stainless steel.

Farm Dog Naturals Relief pic

Farm Dog Naturals products brings relief to itchy, scratchy dogs

You can even spray it directly on your dog, Hogan said, to get rid of that “doggy” smell. But spray cautiously, because it contains mineral salts. Be sure to avoid the eyes.  Just follow the mixing instructions, then spray it on for a shiny, sweet-smelling coat.

Their Salvation Salve is perfect for dry pet skin. It helps keep hot spots from spreading and helps regenerate hair growth. The hair comes back the original color too, making it a favorite with show dog owners. Salvation Salve is great to treat yeast in dog ears, topical yeast, paw pads and general dryness. It’s also an effective treatment for dog nose crust — the thick, hard crusty crud that’s a common issue with bulldogs. other small breeds and older dogs. Though non-life threatening, it can be painful. Applying Salvation Salve and you should see this condition disappear in four to five days. Then apply it every few days to keep the skin smooth so the problem doesn’t come back.

“We call it ‘our vet in a jar,'” Hogan said.

Salvation Salve is also great for sunburn relief. Hogan mentioned a customer that used it on her Chinese Cresteds for sunburn relief.

It takes the pain out of skin, she said.

Farm Dog Naturals Salvation Salve

Salvation salve is great for dry pet skin -and even helps relieve sunburn

The Restore salve helps keep dogs from scratching and itching. Scratching leads to secondary infections, said Hogan, which then leads to antibiotics and steroids use.

Restore helps relieve flea dermatitis, as well as repelling fleas, ticks and bugs from your pet’s skin. It also relieves out-of-control hot spots. These pesky conditions can happen from contact with even just one flea and can quickly mushroom into severe scratching, hair loss and general miserableness for your canine friend. I got to be very familiar with this vicious cycle with my last dog.

Hogan says you can use Restore for both itching and for wound care.

It will help heal punctures from the inside out, she said.

The company tries to get all its ingredients locally or from small farms in the U.S. It grows its herbs locally and doesn’t use those classified as endangered. And it doesn’t import any ingredients from China. Another way Farm Dog Naturals is different from other companies is that it doesn’t use any animal derivatives in its products.

A sustainable company, Farm Dog Naturals is PETA certified and is a Green America Gold certified company.

Farm Dog Naturals brings relief to itchy, scratchy dogs

Restore salve helps relieve flea dermatitis

Hogan sees the company’s role is to educate customers about how to have a more sustainable experience with their dogs, especially given the impact dogs have on the environment.

“You have to be an informed consumer,” she said. “We’re a company people can trust.”

It’s also a company you can feel good about doing business with. For every dollar you spend, 2 percent of every sale (not the profits) goes to planting indigenous trees through, a small nonprofit.

Farm Dog Naturals is looking for holistic veterinarians and small selective retailers to carry its products, especially on the West Coast. For more information or to order Farm Dog Naturals products, check out or .

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