Victoria’s Secret agrees to detox its fashions

Victorias-Secret-1Who would have thought that something as simple and as elegant as Victoria’s Secret lingerie could be toxic? But like so much of the rest of the fashion industry, their creations are chock full of hazardous chemicals such as phthalates and other toxic chemicals. However, a news report today says that after “urging” from Greenpeace and its Detox campaign,, Victoria’s Secret’s parent company Limited Brands and the Benetton Group have agreed to eliminate all hazardous chemicals from their supply chains and products by 2020.

A 2012 Greenpeace investigation found high levels of a hormone-disrupting phthalate in Victoria’s Secret underwear. According to Greenpeace, the product would have been banned in the EU had it been a toy.

Victorias-Secret-lingerie 2Other companies have been jumping on this bandwagon. In December 2012, Zara, Mango, Esprit and Levi’s announced their individual commitments. According to Greenpeace, Levi’s will require its largest suppliers with multiple facilities in China, Mexico and other locations to disclose pollution data by the end of June 2013.

To see what other clothing manufacturers have joined in or are ignoring Greenpeace’s call for responsible manufacturing, go to It really is up to consumers to educate ourselves.  Real change occurs when we shop with our dollars.


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