A view of the North Pacific Garbage Patch

Plastic ocean trash

I came across a video about the North Pacific Garbage Patch (vs. the newly discovered gyre in the South Pacific Ocean). I’ve written a number of times about this whirling maelstrom but have rarely seen footage that displayed it like this.


Described as America’s biggest landfill, it’s smack in the middle of the ocean, where marine life regularly feeds off the smaller pieces and starves to death from it. The ray of sunshine in this dreadfully gloomy scenario is that there are organizations such as Upcycle the Gyres and 5 Gyres Institute, among others, that are actively working to find solutions to this devastating environmental problem.

This video, by the way, is from a Los Angeles production company called Earth Protect Productions, whose mission is “to inspire people to take positive environmental action.” I’d say they’re on the right track!

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  1. […] on shore of discarded plastic water bottles. After seeing the enormous waste and learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its continued growth, Solle decided to do something that would help solve the […]

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