Solar grows up to power elevators and air conditioners

The Mezolift solar elevator

The Mezolift solar elevator

The idea of using solar to power all kinds of devices isn’t a new one. But the opportunity to ride a solar-powered elevator or tie a solar air conditioner to your solar power system is now an exciting reality.

Two companies have created and launched solar elevators. In Greece, Mezolift now provides solar elevators for residential use, while Switzerland-based Schindler Management AG– one of the world’s leading providers of elevators and escalators – is now installing them in commercial buildings.

The apparent benefits of having a solar elevator include that during power failures, they would still be able to operate. Also they are an independent power source so take nothing from the power grid, offering both utility savings and the opportunity to sell power back a local utility when excess power is available.

Green Power Resource Management is building a plant for its new commercial solar air conditioner

Green Power Resource Management announced plans for volume production of its new commercial solar air conditioner

There’s also a plan in the works to produce solar-powered air conditioners that operate off the grid.

Green Power Resource Management (GPRM) of Escondido, California, recently announced plans to start volume production of its solar-powered air conditioner and virtual power plant in its new manufacturing facility. The GPRM 100 solar powered air conditioner and virtual power plant, which is slated for residential and small commercial buildings, will run directly off solar panels, a wind turbine, batteries or the AC power in a home or office. It will also provide renewable energy to other devices such as a TV, lights, refrigerator or a computer even when the grid is down. All this would create a dramatic cut in power usage and excellent energy savings.

Like many new innovative ventures these days, GPRM is using a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help introduce and fund the product.

Sounds like some great steps forward in technology – and a great “sell” for building and home owners!

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