Encouraging test process helps remove drug residue from wastewater

Pharmaceuticals and fishThe proliferation of drug residue in our waterways has become an increasingly challenging health hazard, one that until now has seen no large scale solution, other than educating the public to dispose of unused medications properly.

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GMO television ad airs in Australia

It’s the first of its kind in the world. A short but graphic TV ad is airing in western Australia. It exposes the  public to the 2012 Séralini research study, published in the US science journal Food and Chemical Toxicology,. This important study links consumption of Genetically Modified (GM) food to cancer, liver and kidney damage. This raises serious questions about the Barnett Government’s promotion of GM farming in Western Australia.

GMO (no)

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Sparkling Ice provides refreshing flavor with no calories, caffeine or sodium

Sparkling ICE PosterNot all juice drinks are created equal. Many contain chemical additives and high sugar and calorie content. I recently discovered in my local supermarket a great healthy alternative called Sparkling Ice.

This combination of lightly carbonated mountain spring water and fruit juice offers refreshing great taste. Certified kosher, these delicious juice drinks contain antioxidants and natural flavors including green tea extract. They have no caffeine, no sodium and zero calories.

To learn more about this healthy juice line with its many delicious flavors, see http://bit.ly/13fI2Nn.

Exciting recycling venture

Plastic water bottles in landfill

I’ve written a number of articles about plastic waste and about innovative companies that are working to torn it into useful new products. I just saw this video about a company in India, Daman Ganga, whose recycling process is creating super useful products that specializes in recycling of “difficult to recycle” packaging products.

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Update on rescued bald eagle

eagleA report released today says that the bald eagle that was recently rescued from a Rhodes Island landfill    was shot in the head. According to clinic director Jennifer Brooks, a CT-scan of the young eagle convalescing at the Wildlife Rehabilitator Association center has revealed that the pellet is lodged in the right side of the eagle’s brain.

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Compact fluorescents can cause cancer?

CFLI’ve written a number of articles about the shortfalls and risks of compact fluorescent light bulbs. These include that CFL’s are expensive and, unless you’re willing to spend beaucoup bucks, they won’t deliver the kind of higher wattage we’ve come to expect from incandescents. Another concern is that CFL’s contain mercury, a highly toxic substance in itself, and if a bulb breaks, this poses a real hazard.

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Eco-innovation on the radio!

On Air logoI recently was interviewed by Diane Brandon, who hosts an online radio show on BlogTalkRadio. Ms. Brnadon asked some great questions, including what is an eco-innovation and what does the term “green” really encompass.

We discussed a wide variety of green products that I’ve tested and written about and the impact they have for consumers. It’s a delightful and informative program that can be really useful to help expand your knowledge about what really is and isn’t green and how to know the difference.

Click here to listen to the entire interview. Due to technical difficulties (telephone-related), after the introduction you’ll want to fast forward to around 5:45 minutes into it. Skype definitely saved the day!

Enjoy and let me hear from you afterwards!

etnies shoes help plant trees to restore rainforests

Brett Simpson high in a tree in the Costa Rican rainforest in support of etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program

Brett Simpson in the Costa Rican rainforest in support of etnies Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree program, photo courtesy of etnies

According to leading scientists, at the current rate of deforestation, the world’s rainforests could vanish in a hundred years. The impact from this would be devastating to the planet.

According to Jim Robbins, author of “The Man Who Planted Trees”, a one-hundred year flood becomes a one-in-five year event when deforested land cover is one-quarter of the total, and floods last longer when forests are lost. Because forests naturally sequester large amount of carbon, with deforestation this would be released into the atmosphere. When forests are destroyed, countless species lose critical habitat.

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Bald eagle shot, says veterinarians

Bald eagle rescued 2The latest news on the 2-year old female bald eagle that was rescued from a landfill in Rhode Island isn’t great. A Facebook posting says veterinarians found what appears to be three buckshot pellets in its chest, leg and tail area.

Information has been passed on to state and federal authorities so that a criminal investigation can be conducted. Let’s hope that all goes well and that she recovers fully.

Bald eagle rescued after East Coast blizzard

Bald eagle rescued after blizzard

This story and the footage is remarkable. Humans reaching out to save a very special, in-need bald eagle who was battered almost to death from the recent East Coast blizzard. Kudos to the brave soul who had the courage to rescue this magnificent bird and take it to safety.