360 Cookware – the ultimate in green cookware

360 Cookware's Vapor technology cooks evenly throughout for perfect results

360 Cookware’s Vapor technology cooks evenly throughout for perfect results

Look in almost every kitchen and you’ll find at least one non-stick pan, often with a scratches on it.  Because this cookware “wears out”, it needs replacing every few years. What if you could break this cycle and could use the same top quality cookware for years, without worrying about scratches that caused toxic chemicals leaching into your food?

This isn’t a fantasy. Americraft’s 360 Cookware could be the last cookware you’ll ever buy.

I’ve been using this remarkable product line for well over a year. Having gotten rid of the traditional non-stick pans, this is what I use almost exclusively for cooking.  After trying 360 Cookware, I’m definitely not going back!

This cookware’s different in many ways. Fashioned with five layers of surgical stainless steel, it utilizes Vapor technology to heat food evenly. This multi-ply construction cooks using the food’s natural moisture instead of having to add water that boils all the nutrients and good stuff out of the food, says Ms. Jamie Robinson, Americraft’s Marketing Director.

This technology, which has been around since the early 1900’s, was developed by West Bend, the kitchenware manufacturer that used it successfully with aluminum cookware. When sold to a competitor in 2003, the company was disbanded. But in 2004, Americraft’s founders built their own plant in Wisconsin (site of the original company) and hired former West Bend employees to help continue the tradition of producing quality innovative cookware.

360 Cookware cuts down cooking time and saves in energy costs

360 Cookware cuts down cooking time and saves in energy costs

They were able to update the technology, said Robinson, while having the cookware do what it did in the 1940’s.

Management is passionate about nutritional health, the environment, and supporting the U.S. economy.

“We were Green and American Made long before both topics were cool,” says Bryan Hurley, Americraft’s President and Owner.

Americraft’s green practices are evident. The company is powered by 100% renewable energy. They use eco-friendly packaging. They’re members of the Green Business Network of Green America, members of the U.S. Green Building Council, and their factory was designed with the environment in mind. But some of the greenest features involve how you use the cookware itself.

I love that you cook on low to medium heat, with little to no added liquid.  As the video on their website demonstrates, you heat the pan for a few minutes without liquid, then add your ingredients and cover. When it begins to steam, twirl the lid to lock it, then turn the heat down or off, depending on how much is in the pan. Three to four minutes later you’re done. From prep work to finish can be twenty minutes!  I quickly saw energy savings in my utility bills.

360 Cookware Vege StacksThis cookware is made to last. Because there are no coatings used in this cookware, even if you scratch the pan, it won’t destroy it like it would traditional non-stick pans.

The company is proud of its small carbon footprint, says Robinson. Water that comes out of their plant is cleaner then when it came into it and there’s no smoke belching out from their facility.

360 has cookware for just about everything you need.

Along with fry, sauté and casserole pans, they’ve recently introduced a new line of bakeware based on the same energy-saving technology. These include a loaf pan, a small cookie sheet that goes into an average toaster oven, a jelly role pan, a large pie pan and a cake pan.

And there are some great recipes on the website – from some great vegetarian fare to more traditional meals.

But, says Robinson, don’t be intimidated by the cookware!

360's new bakeware is designed for even baking in toaster ovens

360’s new bakeware is designed for even baking in toaster ovens

You don’t have to use the vapor process. You can still fill the pan with oil and fry chicken if you want. But the conductivity is so good, you’ll burn everything if you don’t turn the temp down to medium, she said.

This isn’t inexpensive stuff. But when you factor the cost of replacing everything every three to five years, and the time and energy savings, it’s a sound investment.

Until the end of March, Americraft is offering readers a special introductory discount of 20 percent on 360 Cookware. To take advantage of this, go to 360cookware and use the code “Atlas”.

2 Responses

  1. Hi. There are mistakes in your post and lots of rubbish in theirs. Firstly you state that the cookware is “Fashioned with five layers of surgical stainless steel” but I knew that to be impossible as Stainless steel won’t bond to itself. I looked through their website and it clearly states that there is stainless steel on the inside and outside but has “interior layers of bonded aluminum”. http://www.360cookware.com/why-360-cookware/cooking-products-difference

    Now your article says five layers, the lady in the video says six layers and yet their website text says seven layers! Someone needs to make their mind up! But if it’s bonded aluminum then it will be one solid cast mass and not ‘layers’. With stainless steel either side that’s THREE layers.

    I had to laugh at “Vapor technology”. People really, it’s just STEAM! The demo lady talks about “cooking below the boiling point” but there is steam coming from the pan! Water will only become steam AT BOILING POINT which is 100 cel and that’s what is cooking the food.

    The other “pull your leg laugh” is the spinning of the lid. Clearly in the demo there is steam coming from the pan before the lady does the spinning lid illusion and there is STILL steam coming from the pan afterwards so what is the definition of “sealed”? Spinning the lid does absolutely nothing to create any kind of seal and is their little bit of theatrics to make you believe something special and magical is happening.

    To break it down it’s high grade stainless steel cookware that will steam your food if you keep the lid (cover) on the pan. I guarantee you that if you turn that flame too low or off then your food will stop cooking once you take the internal heat below boiling point. (And I failed Chemistry AND Physics the first time around)

    • Mal:

      I always appreciate it when readers point out any errors that slipped past me in my articles. No matter how we try, sometimes things do get past us.

      That said, to totally dismiss a product based not only on information you gathered but also on your opinion – when you’ve not personally checked out the product – seems the height of foolishness. As I stated in the article, I’ve been using this product for well over a year – WITH CONSISTENTLY TERRIFIC RESULTS. These include:
      1. greatly reduced cooking time
      2. lower energy bills directly attributable to utilizing this product
      3. and great meals produced by using this pan

      If you haven’t tried something, it’s easy to knock it. BUT check it out yourself, then let me know how well it does or doesn’t work. THAT”S the best way to determine results, don’t you think?

      Thanks for your thoughts – and for reading my blog.

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