Green options for recharging your electronics

Energizer's new Recharge batteries are faster and longer lasting than other rechargeables.

Energizer’s new Recharge batteries are faster and longer lasting than other rechargeables.

As the electronics in our homes proliferate, so does the need to keep them charged. Invariably, you or others in your household need to recharge that smart phone, iPad, tablet, Xbox, mp3 or DVD player or other favorite “toy”, and there are never enough electrical outlets to go around.

Recharging leads to batteries that all too often end up in landfills and/or electricity that gets wasted when the device is fully charged but the charger stays on. There are greener ways to go.

Although the technology dates back to 1859, rechargeable batteries have gained popularity the last decade or so. Because they don’t leak hazardous chemicals that leach into groundwater like standard batteries, rechargeables enticed those looking to be more green. But they didn’t live up to their promise for performance.

Energizer®, the #1 selling rechargeable battery brand in the world, has created a new line of rechargeables and battery chargers to meet consumer demand for longer lasting and faster charging options.

Their new Recharge® line offers rechargeable batteries with shorter charging times that can be recharged up to 1,500 cycles. Recharge® Power Plus batteries provide a high power charge for devices such as digital cameras, GPS equipment and flashlights. Available in AA and AAA, they last up to four times longer in digital cameras vs. Energizer MAX (results vary depending on camera/usage). They hold up to 80 percent of their full charge for up to a full year and come pre-charged and ready to use.

Energizer's Value Charger

Energizer’s Value Charger has an automatic shut-off

Recharge AA and AAA Universal batteries are perfect for frequent charge devices such as remotes and toys. They recharge fully nearly 40 percent faster, when compared to Energizer® Recharge Power Plus batteries and come pre-charged and ready to use.

To accommodate these better rechargeables, Energizer improved their best-selling charger. Their Recharge® Value Charger charges two or four AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Energy Star® certified, its color coded status indicator turns red when charging, green when it’s finished and flashes red when detecting a disposable or bad battery. It also has an automatic shutoff feature that eliminates wasted energy.

Energizer’s other new chargers include: the Recharge® Rapid Charger which charges one or two AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries simultaneously in 15 minutes or three or four in 30 minutes, the Recharge Smart Charger whose large LCD screen shows the charging progress via a countdown clock and fuel gauge, and their Energizer Universal Charger which can charge up to eight batteries at once – including AA, AAA, C, D or 9volt.

With rechargeable batteries and chargers for every need, Energizer’s Recharge line is available in major retailers like Target and online at Amazon.

If rechargeable batteries aren’t your thing, there’s a sleeker option. Jackery is a small external battery that lets you charge your devices while on the go.

Jackery rechargerLaunched in 2012, this powerful gadget lets you charge your iPhone, iPad, iPod, android, Windows phone, smartphone, tablets, gaming devices, mp3 or other compatible device. Thought to be the fastest, smallest external rechargeable battery, its standby capacity is up to six months.

If you use your phone for email, the power goes pretty quickly, says Anson Liang, an advisor to Jackery Inc.

The company saw a huge opportunity to have a spare battery you can take along on vacation with the family or anywhere. With a Jackery, you won’t have to worry about having an outlet to charge your devices.

It also helps extend your battery longer, said Liang. “You can extend (the) battery life of your iPhone with the (Jackery) Mini, (then) you can use your iPhone for the whole day!”

The Jackery Bar in action

The Jackery Bar, like its other versions, is Energy Star certified

When I tested the Jackery Mini, I was surprised how quickly the device charged – in four hours instead of the listed five.

“(You can charge) your iPhone within an hour with the Jackery Bar,” Liang said.

Jackery comes in three versions to meet different consumer demands: the Mini, the ultra-compact “Lipstick” size, the Jackery Bar, which features two built-in LED flashlights that light-up up to 450 hours, and the Jackery Giant, which can charge two devices simultaneously. All three offer fast, high capacity charging for your electronic devices, feature a premium Samsung battery at their core and are highly durable.

Jackery is currently developing some new products due out later this year. You’ll find Jackery chargers online at

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