More consumers thinking green with their dollars

Green ShoppingContrary to recent surveys saying that green isn’t a big factor to consumer spending, according to  the 2013 Cone Communications Green Gap Trend Tracker, 71 percent of Americans consider the environment when they shop. That figure is up from the 66 percent figure of 2008.

There are some very interesting figures to pay attention to here. Nine in 10 respondents said they believe it’s their responsibility to properly use and dispose of the products they buy.71 percent of Americans report they regularly read and follow instructions on how to properly use while 66 percent say they do the same regarding how to properly dispose of a product. And 85 percent want companies to educate them on how to properly use and dispose of products.

A company’s honesty on green issues is also  important to consumers. 69 percent say it’s OK if a company isn’t environmentally perfect as long as it is honest, but 78 percent say they will boycott a product if they discover an environmental claim to be misleading.

The trends are clearer than ever before. A growing number of Americans care about how green their products are and the companies behind them. Let’s hope that manufacturers are paying close attention.


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  1. America has an extraordinary competitive advantage because of it Global market consumption, when the base/Core materials, are put back into production of base and/or new products.
    The US is now taking grasp of this unique cost offset and setting in motion a new and thriving emerging industry; Regeneration Recycling(R&R).

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