Tasty, green and on sale

PrintI recently profiled  an outstanding brand of eco-friendly, long-lasting kitchen cookware –  360 Cookware – and even posted some great vegan recipes. And lest you think I’m being paid to do yet another post on them, NOT.

But two updates here.

First, I invested in one of their fry pans that was designed , among other things, for making omelettes. So I just tested it out. I’m amazed! Not only was it super easy to use, the food actually tasted better than when I’d made it in my regular non-stick pan. THAT was a surprise!

Now I can make great tasting omelettes, veggies, etc. and not worry about toxic chemicals leaching into my food! And I can finally get rid of my last non-stick pan!

This 8.5 inch fry pan makes a delicious omelette

360 Cookware’s 8.5 inch fry pan makes a delicious omelette

On another note, it’s a cool thing when a company gets recognized for its top quality products.

Americraft has just been recognized as a Green Power Partner by the EPA for using 100% renewable energy. They’re celebrating this honor by asking you for earth-friendly ideas for recycling or finding new uses for old, worn out cookware. Share your ideas with the company and they’ll give you 15% off your next 360 Cookware purchase and one of their reusable grocery bags.

The offer is good through April 30, 2013.

The most creative idea (to be determined by their team) will receive a $500 gift certificate to use in their store!

Sounds like fun!


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  1. I have their bakeware and cookware, so I second your recommendation. Using quality pots and pans turned my mediocre cooking into great cooking. No joke!

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