Get your creative on – join the free webinar

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Discover what you need to take an great idea from imagination to create a new, environmentally-conscious innovation. Join tomorrow’s free webinar – Imagination to Innovation: Designing Green Solutions to Meet Today’s Challenges.

Learn how to design real-life solutions and remarkable, green innovations in consumer products. In one-hour, you’ll get you a birds eye view of how to tap into your creativity and discover the innovator that you really can be.

This program is an introduction to the upcoming 5-part series which details:

  • what gets in our way to being exceptionally creative
  • a tried-and-true formula to help you solve annoying everyday eco-challenges
  • creating long-lasting, workable solutions. 

Hosted by Rena Nicole and RENaissance WoMan Productions, the special guest presenter is Debra Atlas, well-known environmental journalist, columnist, professional blogger, speaker and member of the Society of Environmental Journalists. 

Space is limited so SIGN UP Today and reserve your spot for this live event on Friday, April 19th at 9am PST.

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