Great strategies for preventing bug bites this summer

Child in the grass, photo by Az Jade, flickr

photo by Az Jade, flickr

Just came across some fascinating information about how to prevent those nasty bug bites that can really get in the way of enjoying your outdoor fun this year – be it gardening, hiking or just enjoying the backyard.  With the growing concern about West Nile virus and other bug bite related illnesses, a big “thank you” to Nanny Websites” for this great information.

Who knew that using cider vinegar or vanilla could be a natural repellent? There are a lot of other useful tips here, so be sure to check them out.

Potential Plastic bag ban fails in California

photo by Sascha W., flickr

photo by Sascha W., flickr

The story just broke. The California Senate has rejected a ban on single use plastic bags.

The usual arguments were made, particularly that jobs would disappear if the bill passed. The one ray of light here is that The bill will be allowed to be reconsidered, meaning it could be back before a Senate committee or the Senate floor. But given that the Senate has been the stumbling block in the past (the Assembly passed a similar bill last year), one wonders if it will have any chance the next time around.

You can read the details of the story here.