Potential Plastic bag ban fails in California

photo by Sascha W., flickr

photo by Sascha W., flickr

The story just broke. The California Senate has rejected a ban on single use plastic bags.

The usual arguments were made, particularly that jobs would disappear if the bill passed. The one ray of light here is that The bill will be allowed to be reconsidered, meaning it could be back before a Senate committee or the Senate floor. But given that the Senate has been the stumbling block in the past (the Assembly passed a similar bill last year), one wonders if it will have any chance the next time around.

You can read the details of the story here.

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  1. Check out my new blog: http://fighttheplasticbagban.com/

    On my blog I have a “downloads” menu item. If you click on that there are a number of papers that I have written that can be downloaded.

    One paper titled “Negative Health and Environmental Impacts of Reusable Shopping Bags” deals with the health issues more extensively than you did in the article above. For example, in addition to bacteria, viruses and virus transmission with reusable shopping bags could make other sick. Also, people who have AIDS or a suppressed immune system may be more sensitive to bacteria in reusable bags then people who have normal immune systems. About 20% of the population fit in this category.

    When bag bans are implemented people always complain about all those plastic bags that end up in the landfill. But they have never stopped to calculate all the stuff going into a landfill after a plastic carryout bag ban compared to before. It would surprise you to know that 3 to 4 times the amount of material goes into the landfill post ban than pre ban. Those plastic carryout bags are sure looking good. see my article titled “Fact Sheet – Landfill Impacts” for the details and the calculations.

    There is much more.

    • Thanks very much, Anthony, for this. It’s a topic I’m very much interested in. I appreciate the useful information you sent.

      And thanks for reading my blog! If you like it, spread the word, won’t you?

  2. Dont worry Debra–CA (and other states) will learn the hard way–and from Hawaii.
    its statewide plastic bag ban starts in January 2015!

    • You’ re probably right. Now if the politicians could just get out of the way and get this done, we’d all benefit from it.

      • You might be surprised. The people will rise up and put the issue to the voters. Most people do not want a bag ban. If they had wanted to use reusable bags they would have done so. Each person who does not use a reusable bag votes every time they shop.

        In California, one group of opponents are working on putting the issue on the ballot. Then people for and against the ban could argue the issue in the media and the voters will make the final decision. I will post their press release on my blog later today.

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