The Paint Cover helps keep paint fresh

The Paint Brush CoverStopping in the middle of a project means dealing with messy, drippy paint brushes. Take a break and you could come back to a dried up brush. The alternative has been rinsing multiple times, wasting paint and wasted water, to say nothing of having to regularly replace paint brushes gone bad.

New York City firefighter Sal DePaola knows this problem well. After years of being bothered by having to constantly buy new paint brushes for his painting business, DePaola came up with a solution – a brush cover with an air-tight seal.

The idea languished for years because DePaola thought someone else would eventually do it. But since no one did, in 2011 he had an engineer draw a mock-up of what became the Paint Brush Cover.

Starting with a demo made of Plexiglas, DePaola worked with a manufacturer until he got the design he wanted.

The Paint Brush Cover is a 4″ by 8″ plastic container you can store paint brushes in during breaks or over long periods of time. It won’t damage your brushes and it keeps paint fresh, ready for the next time you’re ready to use it. It cuts down having to constantly rinse your paint brushes every time you have to stop or change paint colors during a project.

The Paint Brush Cover w_brushThe Paint Cover can help save countless gallons of water each year by being able to store paint brushes in-between use. It reduces the number of new paint brushes you’d have to replace, cutting down on what goes into the landfill. And it can drastically reduce the amount of paint that winds up going down the drain.

“This will save you a ton of time on a project,” said DePaola.

It also makes painting easier and more convenient, he said. You can start a room and don’t have to worry about finishing it that same day. DePaola says he had a paint brush in this for a month and it was still good!

Professional handyman Scott Passmore recently tested the Paint Brush Cover.

“It keeps paint nice and fresh,” Passmore said. “You can put the brush in the cover and not have to rinse it out. You can put it in your tool box and take it with you.”

Paint brush cover picYou don’t have to worry about getting paint all over everything, he added.

“If you have to touch up, you can still paint,” said Passmore.  “And you only have to rinse your brush out once. Also, if you have more than one cover, you can use more than one paint at a time,” he said.

The Paint Brush cover fits from 1″ to 3″ wide straight and angled brushes.

DePaola said the company plans to introduce a new version later this year – “an upgrade for the professional painter.” And they’re in the process of switching to a manufacturer in the U.S., he said.

You’ll find a great video on how to use the Paint Brush cover at Or order a four-pack directly from QVC online at

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