Seattle moves holiday fireworks to protect baby bald eagles


Fourth of July isn’t a great time for animals. Fireworks and their accompanying sonic-like booms create terrified four-leggeds both in and outdoors. Suburban Seattle has taken the uncharacteristic action of moving its floating launch pad for next week’s July Fourth fireworks display to avoid frightening a pair of baby bald eagles nesting in a tree on the shore of Lake Washington.

A spokeswoman for the local National Audubon Society chapter said the two eaglets, still too young to fly, might be so startled by the pyrotechnics that they would jump out of their nest and plunge to the ground, leaving them injured or vulnerable to predators.

Believed to be six to eight weeks old, they probably won’t start to fly until the beginning of August, said Mary Brisson, a board member and spokeswoman for Eastside Audubon.

It’s a real win-win. The eaglets will be spared the brunt of Independence Day fireworks and residents will actually be able to view more of the tamed-down fireworks due to the launch being in a better location. Now if only more town would take nature into more consideration like this. Everyone would benefit.


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