Get rid of mold and mildew naturally with Safe T Air

Safe T Air indoor pollution solutionI hate to admit it but I’ve been living with a pollution problem of the indoor type. For the past six years, my guest bedroom has had a seriously musty, moldy smell that no amount of cleaning or room deodorizer could tame. So when I was asked to test a product called Safe T Air, billed as “the solution to indoor air pollution”, I jumped at the chance.

Safe T Air is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-staining gel made with pure pharmaceutical grade Australian tea tree oil. Known for its disinfectant properties, tea tree oil has been used to purify indoor air in homes, offices and cruise ships, as well as hospitals. It doesn’t create any allergic reactions or sensitivities. It’s been used successfully to treat “sick building syndrome”. Placed inside heating and air conditioning systems, it can help protect against airborne pathogens and risks from illnesses such as Legionnaire’s Disease and flu and illnesses brought on by breathing polluted indoor air. A biodegradable, environmentally friendly, natural product, it’s a powerful natural antiseptic.

To learn more about this useful and simple indoor pollution solution, check out the full article .

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