Ice Pop Makers – a colorful fun and healthy way to beat the heat

Ice Pop Makers are made of flexible food quality silicone - perfect for frozen treats

Ice Pop Makers are made of flexible food quality silicone – perfect for frozen treats

During the summer, you know the value of staying hydrated and cooling down. Cold water and juices are great but it usually takes something colder to really get your body temperature down.

Kids have the right idea with popsicles, but the high sugar content that many of them have is a real concern. Ice Pop Makers from Accidental Shopping is a great and easy solution.

Made from food-safe silicone, these cone-shaped popsicle makers are different than traditional frozen treat maker devices. They’re flexible and don’t require using sugar or sticks. They take up very little freezer space so they’ll fit into available nooks and crannies.

“It’s always a problem to find the space,” said Deborah Dash,’s CEO. “Who has the room in their freezer to put (a (large) popsicle thing,” she said?

While growing up in Philadelphia, Dash has fond memories of enjoying creamsicles from a local dairy during hot summer months.  As an adult, she searched for a simple popsicle maker but found only large bulky devices. Eventually she found one but it wasn’t as simple as promised.

Ice Pop Makers 1You couldn’t get them out, she said, and you had to use a LOT of sugar!  It also took up a lot of space in the freezer.

“There had to be a better way,” said Dash.

Turning to her suppliers in China, they tweaked the design to meet her needs and the slimmer, more eco-conscious design of the Ice Pop Makers was born.

As always, I tested these colorful treat makers out. Using organic juice and vanilla yogurt, I made some mighty tasty treats. And they froze in just under two hours, something traditional frozen ices makers can’t beat.

There are a lot of neat factors to these. First, they’re portable, meaning you can take them on road trips with you. If you have a small fridge-freezer, you can make your own popsicles wherever you are.

And you don’t need to add sugar, a real plus.

“You can control the amt. of sugar your kids get,” said Dash.

As for flavor options, they’re endless.

You can put fruit like pieces of peaches, lemons or strawberries in them. Just soak and/or soften it first, then add it and/or the liquid to any juice or yogurt and spoon the mixture into the pop maker. Or try layering different choices. Spoon in a fruit / juice mixture; let it freeze, then add a layer of yogurt. Let that freeze and repeat until almost filled. Then add the cap and place it in the freezer.

You can even use it to make slushies. Just take them out when slightly frozen and enjoy!

Another advantage of these fun frozen treat makers is they come with pop-on lids. That means no leaks, drips or spills when they’re filled.

It freezes everything, says Dash, who takes them to her son’s baseball games for cool relief from the heat.

The great thing is you can make something really healthful, said Dash.  But the choices go way beyond frozen desserts, she said.

You can freeze lemons for ice tea in these, she said. Or you could start a frozen margarita in them. They’re also great for leftovers.

You have an endless variety of flavor options with Ice Pop Makers

You have an endless variety of flavor options with Ice Pop Makers

They could be a creative way to get your kids to eat vegetables, says Dash. “Just macerate them then add yogurt and get your kids to eat a frozen vegetable pop,” she said.

There are some great recipe ideas on Pinterest, Dash said.

dash even makes frozen treats for her dog, using a fat-free yogurt treat with a little fruit in it.

The Ice Pop Makers are a big hit with parents, aid Dash. And they make great hostess gifts, she said.

Available in a four-pack of bright colors – bright yellow, fuchsia, light blue and lime green – the Ice Pop Makers are available online at  And as a special offer, to receive a 15% discount, when ordering use the code: “Cool”.

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