Keep produce fresh longer with Debbie Meyer Green Bags

Debbie Meyer Green Bags can really help you cut food waste

Debbie Meyer Green Bags can really help you cut food waste

Keeping with our newest and growing tradition, Americans throw out a good 25 percent of the produce we buy. Whether it’s overripe bananas or unattractive scuzzy lettuce, the result is unappetizing looking food you don’t want to touch, much less eat.

You’ve seen the TV commercials about this simple innovative solution. It’s not my usual new-to-market type, but it’s definitely one that works.

Debbie Meyer Green Bags™ are plastic bags that absorb and remove ethylene, the main culprit that causes produce to go bad. These bags contain zeolite, an aluminum silicate mineral that absorbs gases like CO2 and helps control the humidity that surrounds your produce.

Great for storing all kinds of produce, these bags can help keep bananas from turning brown on the countertop. They actually kept my lettuce crisp for several weeks. And they’ll keep all kinds of produce fresh in the crisper – including celery, carrots or a variety of summer fruit you might have on hand. Independently tested, they’ll keep many fruits and veggies fresh up to 21 days!

Berries can stay fresh and plump for several weeks with these bags

These bags keep berries stay fresh and plump for several weeks

I tested them out on was some plump organic blackberries from the farmers market. The usual routine was to eat some and, unfortunately because they go bad so quickly, toss the rest.

Talk about being surprised! They not only did stayed fresh, they lasted over three weeks and were as plump and juicy as when I bought them!

Here are some tips to help make them work well .If you wash your produce before storing it, make sure it’s completely dry first. If moisture accumulates, wipe the bag out with a paper towel as moisture can work against you. Fruit tends to be more moist than veggies, so consider placing a paper towel around fruit before putting it in a Green Bag to hedge your bets.

Made in the USA and are BPA free, these bags are available in three sizes (medium, large and extra large). You can effectively reuse each bag up to ten times. You can use them in the fridge or leave them out on the counter. They not only keep produce fresher, they also help reduce vitamin loss up to 50 percent. That makes them a healthy addition to any lifestyle.

BPA-free and made in the US, using Debbie Meyer Green Bags saves you money

BPA-free and made in the US, using Debbie Meyer Green Bags saves you money

They also help you save money. Since you have to toss out less wasted food, you don’t have to constantly replace it. And your produce will keep its bright appealing color and flavor longer.

It you’re tired of food going to waste, turning brownish-black almost before your eyes, check out Debbie Meyer Green Bags. The best price I found was for a package of 35 bags  – 15 medium, 15 large and 5 extra large – for $19.99 at Think that’s more bags than you’ll use? Trust me when I say you’ll fall in love with these and use them more than you imagined.

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