Stay safe and be seen with the Solar Bike Light

Solar Bike Light 1

A shared road between drivers and bikers makes taking extra safety precautions a must, especially after sunset. Drivers have a tough time seeing bicycle riders and reflective decals may not be enough.

Solarrific, a manufacturer of solar and dynamo (hand cranking) powered products and innovative devices, has created the Solar Bike Light Kit, an easy-to-use system that may be the ultimate in nighttime safety for bikers.

This system, which is easy to install, includes a bright white light that attaches to your handle bar and an enclosed set of three blinking red lights that attaches to the back. The kit’s plastic ties let you attach the lights and a wire that connects them together.

With a small solar panel on top of the front light, the entire system is waterproof and requires no additional batteries.

This last is important, says Grace King, Solarrific’s president and founder. Her company is based in Whitestone, New York, located in the northern most part of the borough of Queens, NY.

Solar Bike Light Kit

After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, King says one the challenges they all faced was not being able to get their hands on batteries to run things. Using solar-powered devices could have made a difference.

King has always wanted to produce products that use solar energy.

Her company produces a variety of products that use solar panels, including their hand-cranked devices.

“Our goal is to help the environment,” said King. “And we focus on producing quality products,” she said.

The solar light holds its initial charge for a very long time, she said. Then you just put it in the sunlight to let it recharge.

The Solar Bike Light is perfect for kids and adult bicycles, scooters, even wheelchairs. And the front light is detachable so it can be used as a flashlight.

“This is a fantastic way to (be ready for) emergencies,” said King.

When she launched her company in 2007, King envisioned moving towards using more renewable energy.

“With a small investment,” King said, “people can get used to using this kind of product, then move forward to using more.”

King wants consumers to be more open to using renewable energy type products, particularly solar.

“We can really utilize renewable energy on a lot of products that need electricity,” she said.

Along with the Solar Bike Light Kit, her company also produces handy gadgets such as a Power Bank that can be used to charge solar panels and for normal AC charging. King says a new model of their solar panel is also in the works.

The Solar Bike Light Kit is available online on Amazon and at

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