Pura Kiki – the safer alternative to plastic for babies

PrintAs demand for green products continues to increase, you’d think this would translate across every industry. But if you take a deeper look into the personal and baby bottle industry, a dark secret emerges. Almost all the baby and adult water bottles out there contain plastic – either as lids or with a plastic collar around the lid.

One brand stands above the crowd.

Pura, a young southern California company, has the only 100 percent plastic and BPA free baby and adult bottles on the market. They’re made of high medical grade stainless steel – the kind used in pots and pans, food preparation equipment and in medical operating environments.  Extremely durable, they won’t shatter, crack or break like glass. And their sleek modern design comes in bright fun colors.

Pura’s high quality Kiki product line is modular. In the past, mothers would buy baby bottles for their infants, use them, replace them with bottles for toddlers, then replace those for sippy cups. The Kiki line uses silicone modules that adapt as the child grows.

Pura Kiki Group

Pura offers the only 100 percent plastic-free baby and adult bottles on the market

It’s a commonsense approach to something that mothers have needed for years.

“(We) looked to create products that solved more problems,” says Pura founder Roger Moore.

With his background in the tech industry, Moore was stunned to discover how little innovation there was in the baby bottle industry.

The real impetus for his company began when he and his wife looked for a good plastic-free alternative baby bottle they could use for their infant son but didn’t find one.

“Even non-plastic bottles had a plastic lid on it,” he said.

With backgrounds in engineering and design, he and his wife decided to design and patent a bottle themselves and founded the company in 2008. They’ve branched out into forty countries since launching the Kiki brand in 2011.

With its modular system, the Kiki brand grows with your child

With its modular system, the Kiki brand grows with your child

To date, the Kiki brand has garnered forty awards and counting. These include awards from:

  • the U.S. House of Representatives for eco-progressive business model,
  • American Baby Top Products 2012,
  • Creative Child Magazine Top Choice 2011
  • and a Baby Gear Lab award, which blind tested 18 infant bottles and gave Pura Kiki the highest scoring bottle award.

It’s even more popular internationally than here in the U.S., said Moore. In some countries, he said, they sell so fast they can’t keep them on the shelves.

“Mothers were extremely wary of plastic,” said Moore, “and they wanted this product.”

The adaptability of the Kiki brand gives these bottles a longer life cycle which in turn saves you money.

“When it comes to pricing,” Moore says, “it’s more expensive but it lasts potentially for ten years with all the modules.”

The company has a variety of modules for their bottles to make everything cross-compatible, he said.

Being the only non-plastic bottle on the market, that makes it the safest too.

“We have no detectable levels of any of the things they test for,” said Moore. “Those are all plastic-related things,” he said.

These bright colored silicone sleeves fit both sizes of the Kiki bottles

These bright colored silicone sleeves fit both sizes of the Kiki bottles

And their silicone sleeves will delight any young child, with their bright colors – orange, pink, translucent blue or purple.

The secret to easily slipping the sleeve on a Kiki bottle?

The easiest way is to wet the sleeve, then slide it on. Once the water dries, it’s “on”. Be sure to dismantle and wash it when cleaning the bottle.

To learn more about these top-notch products, see Purastainless.com.

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