FixnZip makes broken zippers a snap to fix

Photo by lusi, courtesy of rgbstock

Photo by lusi, courtesy of rgbstock

I love gadgets, especially small ones. And though this one isn’t necessarily “green”, it’s so handy that I had to write about it. It solves one of life’s everyday annoyances and that alone makes it worthy of profiling.

We’ve all been there. When you’re in a hurry to get somewhere or to finish something, suddenly that darn zipper breaks!

At this point, many of us are tempted to throw something or mutter loudly at our bad luck. A broken zipper means a change of plans, sometimes expensive repairs and an all around annoying hassle. There’s a handy little gadget that will make all this disappear.

Most zippers fail because the slider is worn out or broken. The FixnZip is a simple, four piece replacement device that can fix almost any type or size zipper. Made in the USA with a patented spring plate design, this must-have gadget consists of a round metal key ring pull, a plastic tie pull, two slider plates made of die cast zinc and a thumbscrew and spring made of stainless steel.

The FixnZip is easy to use and can be easily removed and reused whenever it’s needed.

FlipnZip can fix almost every size and type of broken zipper

FlipnZip can fix almost every size and type of broken zipper

Just about everyone has something stuffed somewhere  in a cabinet, closet or drawer with a busted zipper. You’ve held onto it, knowing that someday you’d get it fixed. The FixnZip is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

This handy device fixes broken zippers on things like clothing, camera cases, tents, carry-on bags, backpacks, golf bags, sleeping bags, even sail covers and zippered shoes or boots. The possibilities seem endless. It’s great for our on-the-go lifestyles – it’s so small you can easily slide it into a side pocket in a purse or briefcase. Best of all, you don’t need a needle, thread or any special tools to use it.

FixnZip comes in two types – nickel and graphite. Available in small, medium and large, all are cast metal and plated. The difference is one is shinier than the other.

Think you’re stuck when the zipper breaks in the middle? No problem, The FixnZip can attach and start anywhere on the zipper track. And it works equally well with zippers with coils or teeth. It works with all kinds of zippers – open, closed and invisible ones and it even works on zippers with broken teeth. It realigns the surrounding teeth, letting you use the once broken zipper again.

FixnZip 2The FixnZip website has some great videos, including one on how to use this cool little device and one on how to measure to see what size zipper you have. There are also useful graphics showing how to use FixnZip to fix luggage and jackets with broken zippers.

At just under $10 each (and check out the online specials), you’ll wonder why it took so long for someone to invent the FixnZip and want to stock up on a few of them for emergencies. You’ll find it online at, as well as on and Amazon.

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  1. I tried a couple of these zipper fixers, and found them to be a very satisfactory replacement for a broken slider.
    Although you may find them a little fiddly to get into place, it’s just a matter of persevering. If necessary, go back and read the instructions again, and ensure that you are attacking the job from the right angle.
    They are very solidly made and are a big improvement on the “clip-on” plastic zipper repair alternative.

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