Kohl’s & Sierra Nevada Brewery the latest winners of EPA’s WasteWise award

WasteWise award logoRecycling is great but the real idea is to create as little waste as possible. That’s the idea behind the Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise program, which helps organizations reduce or prevent waste headed to landfills, and practice sustainable materials management. This year’s winners aren’t the biggest corporations but are definitely companies making a big difference.

This year’s award mid-size business winners are Kohl’s, which recycles 83 percent of its waste, and northern California’s Sierra Nevada Brewing, Any organization that can measure and report waste can join as a partner.Those that join as partners, from large retailers to small businesses, schools and local governments, agree to reduce or recycle municipal solid waste and select industrial wastes, and to set annual waste diversion goals.

Kohl’s won this year’s Partner of the Year award. This award is given based on the winning company’s percentages of annual improvement for waste diversion, overall improvement and waste prevention performance, all weighed against the previous year’s numbers.

In the larger company division, Sears, Toyota and Frito-Lay won honorable mentions.

Congratulations to all and let’s hope your example sets a new and higher standard for other companies to follow.

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