First No GMO TV ad hits the airwaves

\Washington faces a big challenge in this Fall’s election – whether or not to pass a mandatory GMO labeling bill. The Yes on 522 group has now produced its first television ad that will hopefully spur the public to vote in favor of this precedent-setting legislation.

If it passes, hopefully it will spur other states to pass similar legislation. Two states have already done so – Maine and Vermont, but those laws are contingent on at least 3 other neighboring states passing labeling laws in order to go into effect. If you’re on the fence about this issue or don’t really understand what all the fuss is about, check out the film Genetic Roulette to learn more.

More than “just plain” Vanilla – it’s Fair Trade too

Nielsen-Massey Organic Vanilla 1aAmericans have gotten used to enjoying products that aren’t necessarily top notch. Think frozen pizza and processed cheese. The same can be said of vanilla, that simple flavored extract that’s been a staple in almost every American household for decades.

Vanilla, a vine-growing plant, is the only edible fruit-bearing member of the orchid family. The three top producing vanilla countries are Madagascar, part of the Bourbon Islands off the east coast of Africa, Mexico and Tahiti.

Nielsen-Massey Organic Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract isn’t like the grocery store vanilla you’ve tried.

To learn what makes this vanilla shoulders above the store-bought type you’re used to, check out the full story.

A healthy eating game plan for students

Health Eating

As college students head off to school, there are a myriad of things to do and details to manage. Healthy eating should be near the top of the list but doesn’t always get there. Below are some useful guidelines that may help.

A word of caution, however regarding fish.  Depending on where the fish is from determines how much mercury and PCB’s it may have ingested. Reports suggest limiting how much fish you eat.

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Healthy, gluten-free cosmetics for vibrant skin

Tilth Cosmetics logoFor those who suffer from wheat allergies, I can relate. I had an intense wheat allergy for ten very long years. During that time, I avoided anything that had wheat or wheat related.

But one area I never considered during this time (and I should have) was my cosmetics. Who knew that wheat is a major component of many of the major cosmetic brands on the market?

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New shark discovered off Indonesia

New shark 2

A new type of shark has been identified. The new species of epaulette shark called Hemiscyllium halmahera has been seen “walking” along the shallow waters and sea floor off a remote island near Indonesia.

New shark 1

First seen by divers in 2008,  this beautiful shark uses its fins to effectively “walk” along the ocean bottom or coral reefs to forage for food.  A very exciting and important discovery for conservationists. And hopefully one that the Indonesian government can help protect. Check out the video story here.

Solar panels showing to impede fire prevention

Solar panels on fire 1As useful as solar panels are in helping to save energy and helping to wean us off fossil fuels, there’s a darker side that is proving to be unexpectedly hazardous. Firefighters are having enormous difficulty fighting fires in or on buildings sporting energy-producing solar arrays.

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