Vermont Soap launches new organic deodorant

Vt Soap Logo (new)If you’ve ever read the labels of your favorite personal care products, chances are you’ve seen ingredients with names you can barely pronounce. And many aren’t either healthy or natural.

Popular brands of deodorants and antiperspirants include synthetic ingredients such as hormone disrupting fragrance, antibacterials and petrochemicals – things like propylene glycol (aka antifreeze), triclosan, phthalates, parabens, aluminum and alcohol. Many of these are creating serious problems for consumers.

A percentage of people are sensitive or allergic to aluminum and can get contact dermatitis from using products with it.

“Phthalates are estrogen mimicers,” says Larry Plesant, CEO of Vermont Soapworks. They’re what make plastic flexible and shouldn’t be let loose on the population, he said. They should be controlled as a pollution source.

Surprisingly, phthalates are still used in cheap single malt scotch. Soluble in both water and oil, they leach through plastic and get into pour food and groundwater.

Parabens and triclosan, which easily penetrate the skin, have been in the news a lot. Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that’s linked to abnormalities in the endocrine system (thyroid), weakening the immune system, birth defects and other problems. A European Commission study found that parabens, a preservative and common ingredient in fragrances, mimics estrogen and interferes with hormone function.

Fortunately. Vermont Soap products are free of these nasty ingredients. Over the past few years, I’ve tried and reported on a number of their products and I’ve come to trust that they’re safe, high quality and non-toxic.

Their newest product is their Sage-Lime Organic Deodorant. It’s made from 100 percent organic coconut oil, cornstarch, organic lime and organic sage oils and beeswax. With a light pleasant scent, it’s designed for active men and women. Like all Vermont Soap products, its non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.

Vermont Soap's Sage Lime DeodorantOne of the first underarm protection products to meet USDA organic food standards, it’s made with organic ingredients for people with sensitive skin and for reactive bodies of all skin types.

Vermont Soap’s mission is to “replace yucky stuff w/ yummy stuff.”  Plesent hopes “to go through every product Americans use (regularly) and have in their household and replace them with safe, non-toxic, plant-based healthy products.”

In developing this new deodorant, Plesent created a list of “must have’s” and examined what was in the marketplace that was “natural” that really wasn’t. He realized what he wanted didn’t exist.

All the products out there have aluminum, he said, and many have alcohol, which he believes people will end up having irritations from. In researching people with skin sensitivities, he discovered that among the alternatives people were trying, some were using fresh limes as underarm bacteria deterrents.

The lime terpene worked well with underarm bacteria, he said, but “needed a boost.”

Eventually he decided that sage lime would be an effective combination.

There’s a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants don’t stop sweating.

Although sweating isn’t bad, blocking sweating can be. Sweating releases toxins from our bodies. When antiperspirants block sweat, plugs form that block the toxins, keeping inside our bodies. This can cause skin irritations and sometimes painful lumps under your armpits.

“If your body is sweating too much, something’s not right,” said Plesant. You have to look at this more systemically, he said.

Skin is very permeable, he said. “It’s like a sponge, an interactive membrane more complex than solar panels, Plesent said.

Vermont Soap’s Sage-Lime Organic Deodorant, though a bit higher priced that regular brands, is a lot healthier for you. You’ll find it online at

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