A coffee maker that lets you connect with the Fair Trade grower

Coffee roasted

Americans love their coffee. Just look at any metropolitan area and you’ll see java places abounding. But with the high cost of our favorite brew, many of us are turning to ways to make it ourselves.

Those of you who’ve followed my work for a while have seen me feature various new crowdfunding ventures. A new one just launched today on Kickstarter I think could be exceptional if it’s funded.

This new coffee machine by Bonaverde could quite literally revolutionize the coffee industry. This unique coffee machine is the world’s first filter device that grinds and brews, but also roasts green coffee beans with a single push of a button. It also does something never done before: it lets farmers sell their green, raw coffee beans directly to the consumer.

Created by a small team of young, entrepreneurial Berliners, Bonaverde not only gives consumers control over their own coffee consumption, they disrupt the current value chain of coffee. Coffee is the world’s second most highly traded commodity in the world and is cultivated in more than 70 countries by farmers that are generally faceless to the average consumer. Bonaverde plans to change this by giving farmers a face, name and community platform where coffee farmers and coffee lovers can Skype, chat and even make business transactions with each other. Once ordered, the coffee beans will be shipped in small eco-friendly jute bags – without any paper, plastic or aluminum waste.

Bonaverde coffee machine 1

“Consumers want greater transparency in the coffee market across the entire value chain,” says Bonaverde’s founder Hans Stier. “Our concept is a complete shift away from the established market. We give our customers complete control over the roasting process and ensure that more money goes to where the most value is generated – the coffee farmers.”

The company already has over a hundred working prototypes up and running in both consumer and commercial use. They estimate shipping for the Early Bird Bonaverde coffee machines to be October 2014. Just launched today, this exciting venture seems to be catching on quickly. To jump on board, visit Kickstarter.Bonaverde.com.

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