New book sets history straight on Kennedy murder

JFK book photoCertain events define generations and nations. Many remember where they were when these events occurred – when the astronauts first stepped on the moon, for instance. But almost everyone who was over the age of 8 or so recalls all too vividly where they were when they heard that President John F. Kennedy was shot.

Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of that gruesome day, stories abound in the press retelling the tale of how lone gunman Lee Oswald did the deed. Yet, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and the release of many more previously classified papers, the voracity of this has been proved to be the myth that so many believed it was.

A new book The Hidden History of the JFK Assassination by author Lamar Waldron details a plethora of information outlining in fascinating and mind-gripping detail the remarkable conspiracy perpetrated that led to JFK’ murder. The documented and corroborated confessions by Mafia Don Carlos Marcello and newly released information from FBI files unravel the rumors and suspicions that for so many decades have captured the imaginations of Americans.

I’ve been engrossed in reading this densely, fact-filled book and have been constantly intrigued at the new information and how at so many moments our history could have been changed. The complexity and daring of the Mafia-based conspiracy is mind-boggling. According to the book, there were four possible locales where the assassination could have occurred, not just in Dallas. And the uncovered information as to how Marcello and other Mafia figures worked not only on the  plot to kill JFK but did so in tandem with the government plan to assassinate Fidel Castro as well. The tangled web of these plots overlapped in so many ways. Detailed as well are the plans for distributing misinformation and lies with which we’ve lived for so many years – and the reasons that the government had to do so in order to prevent what could conceivably led to war with Russia if the real truth had come out.

I don’t review many books and I don’t necessarily believe in government conspiracies. But this book clearly presents information that hasn’t been released before. And the author makes clear that there are still around 1 million pages related to this story still being held as classified, despite the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992. According to the tenets of this act, these papers could perhaps see the light of day as early as 2017 – unless the then President decides to delay this or withhold them indefinitely.

But what is now available seems indisputable and well worth the read. If you think you know what happened, you probably don’t.  This book will definitely add to the national conversation and Kennedy mystique for years to come.

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