Green your online search this holiday season

Ecosia logoIt’s Black Friday, in case you’ve somehow forgotten or missed the massive pr. With the intense focus on shopping, I thought I’d pass along a way to help do something you can do that’s good for the environment while you are doing your holiday shopping this year.

Ecosia is a search engine that not only gives you access to your favorite online retailers but uses a large percentage of the proceeds to help with reforestation. By installing their free browser extension, in seconds you can be shopping away and, simultaneously, help plant trees in reforest the Brazilian Atlantic Forest in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” program.  Ecosia’s web search is also completely CO2 neutral.

Brazill's Atlantic Rain Forest 1This Berlin, Germany based search engine gains revenues through its links and advertisements. It donates 80 percent of its total revenues to the “Plant a Billion Trees” program. Currently this amounts to roughly $2,700 per day.

The remaining 20% of Ecosia’s income is used to neutralize the CO2 emissions of Ecosia’s web search.

Ecosia’s mission has always been to have the greatest positive impact per Euro (or Dollar) on Earth’s environment. Tropical forests provide several important benefits: freshwater protection, clean air, crop pollination, wood and food. They are not only some of the most critical ecosystems in the world, they are also some of the most overwhelmed. Brazil’s Atlantic Forest is on the brink of extinction due to pressures of urban expansion, agriculture, ranching and illegal logging. The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” program will reforest 1 million acres and connect more than a million acres of forest remnants, creating new forest corridors to improve the resilience of this critical and degraded ecosystem.

Brazill's Atlantic Rain Forest 2The impact of this will be improvements to important watersheds that provide clean drinking water and hydroelectricity to millions of people, plus protection for thousands of species of native plants and animals. On a global scale, the trees planted by the campaign will capture atmospheric carbon equivalent to the emissions of one million cars every year.

So as you dive into your online holiday shopping, take a moment and install Ecosia’s web browser info and multi-task for the planet. They’ve made doing good easy and fun!

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