Recycling to help at risk youth in the Carribbean

Tierrabomba viewThink about the Caribbean and visions of clean sand and beautiful beaches spring to mind. While that’s true, another side is the economic plight of many small Caribbean islands and countries. Tourist-based, their economies fall victim to climate change, bad weather or other factors, meaning the locals often struggle to ear a steady income.

One such island is Tierrabomba, a small island located one mile south of Cartagena de Indias, off the north coast of Colombia. There the lack of waste logistics, clean water, monetary sources, job opportunities and quality education leaves dreams of improvement of a quality life in a distant reality. A partnership between Twelve Bit Media and Help Tierrabomba have created the Tierra Bomba Bottle Project. This initiative plans to recycle and repurpose more than 10,000 plastic bottles which will be filled with 3.5 tons (over 7,000 pounds!) of garbage and sand. These will be turned into “eco-bricks” to make up the walls and foundation of a new sustainable community center.

Tierra Bomba Bottle Project 1a

The Tierra Bomba Bottle Center is being built with garbage and sand-filled recycled plastic bottles

The Tierra Bomba Bottle Center will be housed with computers, books, clean water & community waste solutions, at the same time acting as an added art and culture reinforcement to community preservation.  The center will offer a variety of programs aimed at reaching at-risk youth in Columbia. These will include education via a learning center, a multi-tech room for parents’ meetings, job workshops, and special events, along with health services, job training and cultural development. The center will also provide families in crisis with a place to come and receive counseling, food, and a path towards health.

As with so many recent worthy projects, this has a crowdfunding arm in place. Through December 31st,  KIND, the maker of delicious health snack bars, features its Do the KIND Thing: Projects, of which the Tierra Bomba Bottle Project is a part. Vote on the ideas that inspire you the most by committing to do a small kind act. Every kind act pledged will help Twelve Bit Media get closer to receiving $10,000 from KIND to bring this center to life. Take a moment to do something that makes a difference. One small act taken by many people can change the world.

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