The Sustainable Food Summit is almost here

Sustainable Food Summit logoI rarely plug an event and, if I do, and rarely before it starts. But this one’s an exception.

I’ll be attending and covering next week’s Sustainable Food Summit in San Francisco. Organized by Organic Monitor, this is the 4th North American edition of this international series of summits. Some of the major issues involving sustainable & organic foods will be debated during the two day event, which takes place January 22nd-23rd. Topics on the summit agenda include:

  • the outlook for GM labeling,
  • food authenticity and traceability
  • sustainability agricultural standards
  • the nutritional impact of organic agriculture
  • green marketing communications
  • sustainable ingredients
  • retailer best-practices.

There will be plenty of top notch keynote speakers. These include:

  • Sustainable FoodsJohn W. RoulacCEO and Founder of Nutiva
  • Theresa Marquez, Mission Executive with Organic Valley
  • Ken Lee, Co-Founder of Lotus Foods, will give details of its sustainable sourcing projects in Asia. Lotus Foods has introduced a number of rare rice varieties in the US market by setting up grower projects in Bhutan, India, Cambodia and other countries.
  • Bob Quinn, President and Founder of Kamut, will explain how the re-emergence of ancient grains is helping overcome monoculture.

There will be a variety of paneled discussions to participate in as well. I’ll be there to interview key players and will definitely create a few blog articles from some of the exciting discussions there. All this takes place next Wednesday and Thursday in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko.

To learn more about this event ahead of time, check out  SustainableFoodsSummit. And be sure to check back here the following week to learn some of the highlights.

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