A view of what impacts sustainabi!ity from the Sustainable Foods Summit

Sustainable Food Summit logoIt’ was an exciting day at the 4th annual North American Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco. It’s particularly cool to be among so many thought leaders – movers and shakers within many organizations, companies and NGO’s from the U.S. and Canada – people committed to engaging in the critical and complex issues surrounding sustainability.

I’ll be writing much more about the details from this remarkable event over the coming days but wanted to give you a taste of the first day.

Browsing through the trade show prior to entering the event, I learned that there are a myriad of eco-related labels and certifications in the food industry – way more than I was familiar with. No wonder consumers are confused! I’ll be writing about that to help clarify things a bit.

We heard from Ken Ross, the head of Global ID, who does the technology and is on the Board for the non-GMO Project. I had a conversation with him and will let you know about that soon.

A number of speakers  brought up many issues concerning biodiversity and what their company and/or organization was engaged in to address the fallout from this. It’s pretty inspiring to learn of the work in a number of countries that’s going on to empower communities and to provide them the resources top hat will not only give them a livelihood but will promote crop diversity, sustain rainforests and train the next generations in sustainable practices.

Tomorrow is Day 2, so more to come. And plans are in the works for me to record and post audio interviews with some of the neat innovators and leaders there. So be sure to check back for the next installments! You won’t want to miss out!

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