Plant-based water bottle helps fight deforestation and plastic pollution

Treeson Water Bottle PrototypeThere are a lot of water bottling companies out there, and a lot of so-called “green” water and water bottles. I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical when I hear about yet another one. But I did a bit of checking and there’s one that’s caught my eye and imagination.

There’s a new Kickstarter campaign for Treeson water that’s piqued my interest.

All of Treeson’s bottles are plant-based, toxin free, GMO free, and are both reusable and recyclable. Their labels made with eco-friendly adhesive, yaw 100 percent post-consumer paper and are printed with soy ink.

Treeson water bottle graphicCarlton Solle, the founder of this San Francisco-based company, had been working on a waste-to-energy project to harness the chemicals in recycled products in order to generate sustainable energy. He knew, however, that putting petroleum-based plastic bottles into his generator would release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

It wasn’t until Solle and his family were vacationing in Costa Rica and enjoying one of it’s pristine beaches that he began noticing the continual washing-up on shore of discarded plastic water bottles. After seeing the enormous waste and learning about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its continued growth, Solle decided to do something that would help solve the problem.

Treeson water  comes from the Costa Rican rainforest

Treeson water comes from the Costa Rican rainforest

Like so many manufacturers, most water bottle companies shirk the responsibility of recycling onto consumers. Treeson boasts being the first water bottle company to take complete responsibility for the sustainability of its products, while empowering consumers to care for their environment at an affordable cost.

If this isn’t green enough, Treeson will plant one tree for every water bottle purchased.

Consumers can track their very own trees, planted in the Central American rainforest, and watch them grow using Treeson’s GPS app.


Each Treson bottle has a mailing label on it so you can send used bottles back for recycling

Treeson plans to reduce negative impact on the environment, and to restore vital habitats, rainforests, and clean water sources decimated by deforestation. Filling their bottles with natural spring water from Costa Rica, Treeson drinkers will enjoy tasty water packed with natural electrolytes and infused with oxygen.

This definitely sounds like a worthwhile venture to be a part of. So check out their Kickstqarter campaign. It runs until March 14th. See how you can help make this project into a reality that makes a difference.

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