Lake Tahoe’s newest attraction – a skateboard ramp on the lake

Skateboard ramp on Lake Tahoe 1

Along the lines of whacky but fun, Lake Tahoe – known for its beautiful blue waters, tourism, casinos and nature trails – has a new attraction – a floating skateboard ramp.

Pro skateboarder Bob Burnquist says it’s a dream come true for him. After four days and 300 man hours of construction and testing, a beautiful 7,300 lb (3,311 kg) floating skateboard ramp has been installed on Lake Tahoe as part of Visit California’s Dream365 tourism campaign.

Skateboard ramp clip 3

The  8 foot (2.4 m) tall wooden bank ramp is accompanied by a smaller 5 foot (1.5 m) secondary ramp. Both wooden ramps rest on top of a 36 foot (11 m) long floating platform. The ramps are stained with different colors for a creative effect and are polished to optimize skating speed.

Burnquist and a film crew shot a promotional video to show off his skating moves on the floating ramp. During filming, a snorkeler was on hand to dive into the water and retrieve Burnquist’s board every time it went over. The skateboarder finished off the shoot with a massive air jump over the ramp and into the lake.

Crazy fun – perfect for Lake Tahoe and fun lovers from all over the world.


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