Legos with a purpose. They’ve moved beyond the playground

This Braille printer was built using Legos

This Braille printer was built using Legos

Legos aren’t just for playing with. They are being used in a surprising variety of ways, for some pretty amazing things.

I recently came across two that definitely have the “wow” factor.

One involved 12-year old Shubham Banerjee who has designed a working prototype of a working Braille printer. This remarkable young man did it because he learned how expensive these devices are and thought that was wrong. So he got to work and, after 6 versions, came up with one that worked. His plan is to have it be open sourced so that anyone can build one.


Togetherfarm’s Lego-style building bricks let you create a raised garden bed


Another fascinating use for Legos is something gardeners will enjoy. Togetherfarm are Lego-styled building blocks that create a modular garden box system. These interlocking pieces snap together and can be configured in a variety of ways. It’s the easy way to create that raised bed garden you’ve been thinking about all winter.

It’s Lego’s for grown ups. Fun and with purpose. That’s real style.

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