The remarkable postive impact of wolves on Yellowstone

Wolves prove elusive to hunters

Animal Planet has backed down, bowing to public outcry that it remove its ‘Man-Eating Super Wolves’ from the air. This kind of film was a ratings grabbing scheme and posed serious negative p.r. on wolves, which are already facing tremendous pressure and death after being stripped of federal protection. Under the guise of “animal protection”, many western states are sanctioning wolf hunts and encouraging torturous treatment of these magnificent creatures.

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The number of oil spills keeps increasing

Gulf oil spill 2010Oil spills make the news on a regular basis. Are we so used to hearing, seeing and/or reading about them that we take them for granted as a way of life? We humans can get used to anything if we have to, but are we becoming desensitized to this growing environmental disaster? Continue reading

Solar Roadways – the future is here

I’ve written several times about the fascinating invention called Solar Roadways, developed by Scott and Julie Brusaw in 2006.

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Smart Balance® spread to be non-GMO nationwide

Smart Balance non-GMOThis week consumers will get a healthier choice when it comes to buttery spreads.

Colorado-based Boulder Brands, announced the planned transition in March of its entire product line of Smart Balance® non-GMO buttery spreads to non-GMO. It’s the first leading national spread to go non-GMO.  Smart Balance is shipping millions of tubs of the new non-GMO buttery spreads to national and regional grocery stores across the country. Distribution will continue ramping up in May, with a complete transition this summer.

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Quebec’s new “Living Wall” blends recycled materials and Nature indoors

Living garden quebec - The Currrents 1Living green walls are one of the most special methods that designers and architects have to bring Nature indoors for our enjoyment. They add beauty while helping to keep the air we breathe clean and fresh.

A few years ago I wrote about the amazing living green wall in Singapore’s Changi Airport, which stood at 45 feet tall. But a there’s a new claim to the title “World’s Tallest Living Wall”. Standing at 213 feet tall, this new installation called The Currents is housed in the Desjardins building in Lévis, Quebec. Continue reading

Edible flowers – a colorful way to expand your healthy diet

Bright colored nasturtiums are great additions to summer salads

Bright colored nasturtiums are great additions to summer salads

If you’re a backyard gardener like I am, you’re always looking for something different to try each year. While I always seek new varieties of organic veggies to plant, flowers are steadily making their way into and around the gardens too. With a rule of only growing what I’ll eat, I discovered an interesting article about edible flowers you can cultivate and ways to enjoy eating them Here are a few ideas to brighten up your garden while adding variety to your diet.

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Kids and pit bulls – adults should learn from them

Just saw an amazing video about kids and pit bulls.

If you think the two don’t mix, take a look and listen to these kids. We adults really need to learn from the younger generation. They can teach us a great deal, especially about these magnificent gentle creatures. Check out the video and let yourself be moved.