Edible flowers – a colorful way to expand your healthy diet

Bright colored nasturtiums are great additions to summer salads

Bright colored nasturtiums are great additions to summer salads

If you’re a backyard gardener like I am, you’re always looking for something different to try each year. While I always seek new varieties of organic veggies to plant, flowers are steadily making their way into and around the gardens too. With a rule of only growing what I’ll eat, I discovered an interesting article about edible flowers you can cultivate and ways to enjoy eating them Here are a few ideas to brighten up your garden while adding variety to your diet.

There are 11 edible flowers that will make a nice complement to any garden. You’ll find many of them at your local farmer’s market. But beware of eating them without asking how they were raised so you don’t eat some nasty pesticides. These colorful edibles include:

  • Calendula – a bright yellow flower whose taste ranges from spicy to tangy that can be used in pastas or sprinkled over rice.
  • Chive blossoms – use both the green stems and blossoms for summer salads
  • Purple violets – perfect for jam, syrup or candied

To see the entire list and ideas on how to use them, click here. Then try growing one or more of these flowers this year. They’ll be an interesting addition to your summer dining enjoyment.

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