Smart Balance® spread to be non-GMO nationwide

Smart Balance non-GMOThis week consumers will get a healthier choice when it comes to buttery spreads.

Colorado-based Boulder Brands, announced the planned transition in March of its entire product line of Smart Balance® non-GMO buttery spreads to non-GMO. It’s the first leading national spread to go non-GMO.  Smart Balance is shipping millions of tubs of the new non-GMO buttery spreads to national and regional grocery stores across the country. Distribution will continue ramping up in May, with a complete transition this summer.

The company revamped its ingredients sourcing and manufacturing processes in response to growing consumer demand for non-GMO products. They promise that the  new Smart Balance will deliver the same delicious, buttery taste and nutritional benefits with no increase in price to customers.

“We are delivering on our promise to make non-GMO Smart Balance widely available, and importantly, without raising the cost to retailers who sell our product,” said Duane Primozich, executive vice president of Smart Balance and Balance Brands. “We wholeheartedly agree with consumers and advocates who support greater transparency in food ingredients, and who want healthier, less processed foods with simpler ingredients.”

Smart Balance non-GMO 2Consumers will see the distinctive “non-GMO” label on the new packages, along with the company’s pledge. The pledge outlines the commitment to make Smart Balance using only non-GMO ingredients, including expeller-pressed oils from non-GMO seeds. The company also has taken steps to reduce risk of contact with GMO type ingredients in its manufacturing facilities, including adding new processing equipment and storage.

“At Boulder Brands, we embrace and support the burgeoning consumer movement toward deeper understanding of what’s in – and importantly, what’s not in – the foods that we serve our families,” said Primozich.

For more information and product facts click here.

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