Let’s use explosives and bombs to keep whales out of oil spills

whalesThis story hit the headlines today and had this writer’s jaw drop. It surely falls under the heading of “What the heck are are they thinking!!”

In today’s The Globe and Mail:

“The proponents of two controversial pipelines to British Columbia’s coast say they would consider deploying underwater firecrackers, helicopters and clanging pipes, among other methods, to ensure whales don’t swim toward any disastrous oil spill that might result from increased tanker traffic carrying bitumen to Asia.”

As it’s well-known that whales and other cetaceans have extraordinarily acute and sensitive hearing, the idea of purposely dropping bombs, firecrackers and other loud explosives in our oceans within hearing distance of these magnificent creatures is absurd. Actions that easily could deafen whales and other marine life isn’t an answer. Once again, humans are looking for an easy solution rather than digging in to find the REAL and long-lasting answer to a worldwide ongoing problem.

Let’s hope that this headline is only one thought and not a serious one that gets implemented. How long will we put up with the outdated thinking that oil spills are “a given” in life? That’s simply unacceptable.

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