The top 50 global green brands – a misguided and incomplete list

Best Global Green Brands 2014 logoJust saw this listing of the top 50 global green brands. After perusing the list, it’s clear that it’s seriously misguided, misleading and incomplete.

The list reads like a who’s who of the top well-known global corporations. There are a number of “winners” that will have you scratching your head, wondering how they made a “green” list at all. True, the #1 company, Ford, is definitely deserving, given its long-standing commitment to green innovation. But how did companies such as Disney, Colgate and Kellogg’s end up on this list?

What glaring green innovations and huge strides towards sustainability can some of these companies boast of? They may have taken steps in their corporate sustainability strategy, which is commendable, but to make a Top 50 Green list is pretty special. It’s a real stretch to see how a few of these mega-corporations made the grade. And it seems like a few notables were left out.

Here are the top 10:

Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Green Brands

2014 rank             2013 rank                Brand                    

1                             2                             Ford   

2                             1                            Toyota    

3                             3                            Honda  

4                             5                            Nissan  

5                             4                            Panasonic

6                             9                             Nokia  

7                            11                            Sony

8                            15                            adidas 

9                             8                            Danone 

10                          10                           Dell    

Check out the complete list and see what your take is on this. Then let us know what you think!

4 Responses

  1. For Unilever to not be on this list is a travesty. Debra – how about providing an article on the criteria for selection.



  2. I agree, Debra, these people are walking around with blinders on. At least we can be grateful that Monsanto isn’t on the list!

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