Self-driving cars waiting for legislation to lead the way

Google's  driverless car

Google’s driverless car – a daydream that is moving (slowly) our way

Recently I met a car dealership owner and, during our brief conversation, I asked what he thought about self-driving cars and if he thought they’d take off here in the U..S.

Surprisingly, his response was “they’ll need to get the legislation passed first.”

A recent online article seems to confirm this idea.

Mercedes BenzBMWAudi and the Nissan-Renault Alliance are already working on practical solutions that will someday give consumers that self-driving experience. An April/May 2014 United Nations agreement loosened EU rules associated with the development of self-driving cars. This opened the way for self-driving automobiles to possibly hit the market sometime in 2018.

“We have developed a car that can drive autonomously. Now the legal framework needs to follow suit,” said a Mercedes spokesperson suggested right after the U.N. change was announced.

After viewing a tv special featuring the Google driverless car being “piloted” by a gentleman who is legally blind, one has to wonder what it will take – and how long – for this key legislation to come into play. Will our politicians help ease the way for this innovative technology or will they do their usual posturing and standing in the way so that any action takes years to accomplish. We shall see.

But wouldn’t it be something to actually “drive” one of those amazing cars? One can at least daydream about it.

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