A bridge made of discarded plastic bottles

Plastic is everywhere. Last month 5 Gyres institute completed  a three-week sail from Bermuda to Iceland and found microplastic particles in every surface sample collected during the trip.

Plastic bridge 1

In July, EcoStuff Romania and a group of volunteers spent five days creating a remarkable bridge across the Nera River where the Danube enters Romania. Made up of 104,500 plastic bottles, the idea was to generate awareness about the huge quantities of plastic litter that are dumped daily into our rivers and oceans around the world.

Plastic bridge 2

Constructed as an oval shape with stairs and railings, wooden planks were placed on the upper side of the bridge to allow people to walk on it. Small boats can pass under it and the bridge can support more than 200 people.

Plastic bridge 3

The bridge opened to the public on July 23rd. It will stay in place until Aug. 8th, then it will be disassembled and recycled. In the meantime, participants are waiting to hear back if it broke the Guinness World Record to  become the largest plastic bottle structure in the world.

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