Straight talk, inspiration and hope – never give up these 3 keys to help you meet big challenges


A northern California lakebed devastated by drought – just one of the many symptoms of climate change

The facts about climate change are looking pretty dire. With the Antarctic ice shelf melting, the continued rise in greenhouse gases and big governments effectively hamstrung and/or side-stepping the serious issues in favor of posturing and “talking a good game”, if you said we’re in serious trouble you’d be right. But as a writer I’ve learned that focusing on the negative – as pronounced and apparent as it may be – won’t help us reach the solutions we so desperately need.

The life lessons I’ve learned so far include the following:

  1. Definitely listen to straight talk about the facts as they are, especially if its from sources you can trust.
  2. Always seek inspiration wherever you can find it for it can be stir the creative juices and source many remarkable and much needed innovations.
  3. And most important of all – Never Give Up Hope!

I came across several great examples of these important lessons and thought to share them with you.,Although on different topics, they speak to the importance of listening, learning and waking up to what’s around us right now so that we can do something in the face of the big challenges we face.

Big issues such as these – the seriousness of climate change as seen by the Hopi elders and the long term effects that it will have on all our lives and the slaughter of endangered wildlife that threatens the existence not only of these magnificent animals but also of the people who depend on them for their way of life  – they won’t solve themselves. But if we can learn the lessons presented by these examples, perhaps we will be inspired to action, to making a real difference for ourselves and for future generations.

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