The environmental hazards of microbeads

Plastic microbeads  – tiny, toxic, plastic beads – are in many of our personal care products, like face scrub and toothpaste. They’re so tiny that they are washing down the drains and into our precious waterways.

graphic courtesy of 5 Gyres Institute

graphic courtesy of 5 Gyres Institute

Here’s an example of the scale of this global problem, According to the Attorney General, New York State flushes nearly 19 TONS of microbeads down the drain each year. Both consumers and elected officials need to be aware of this serious environmental hazard and put a stop to it.  We need to stop the endless flow of trillions of plastic microbeads into our rivers, lakes and oceans each year.

If you want to take action, share this infographic with friends, colleagues and your elected officials. Find your state and federal officials’ email addresses HERE . Send them the Infographic with the subject line “Stop Plastic Microbeads from Polluting our Precious Waterways.” The longer we wait to take action, the deeper the problem becomes.

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